New blast sends bombing investigators to Texas FedEx center

Interim Austin police chief Brian Manley, left, talks with FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs, right, near the site of Sunday’s explosion, Monday, March 19, 2018, in Austin, Texas.

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Investigators pursuing a suspected serial bomber in the Texas capital shifted their attention Tuesday to a FedEx shipping center near San Antonio where a package exploded on a conveyor belt in the middle of the night and caused minor injuries to a worker.

Although the latest blast did not inflict serious harm, it added to the widening fear of more strikes like those that have already killed two people and badly wounded four others.

Hours after the explosion, police sent a bomb squad to a FedEx facility outside Austin’s main airport to check on a suspicious package that was reported shortly before sunrise.

Investigators also closed off an Austin-area FedEx store where they believe the bomb that exploded was shipped to the distribution center. Authorities roped off a large area around the shopping center in the enclave of Sunset Valley.

The explosion happened around 1 a.m. at a FedEx facility in Schertz, which is just northeast of San Antonio and about 60 miles (95 kilometers) southwest of Austin.

"It would be silly for us not to admit that we suspect it’s related" to the other four Austin bombings since March 2, FBI agent Michelle Lee said. She did not have details about the size, weight or description of the package.

One worker reported ringing in her ears. She was treated at the scene.

Before it exploded, the package had been sent from Austin and was addressed to a home in Austin, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

In a statement, FedEx officials said the same person responsible for sending the package also shipped a second parcel that has been secured and turned over to law enforcement.

A company spokeswoman refused to say if that second package might have been linked to the one reported near the airport. There was no immediate word about whether that package contained explosives.

The blast came less than two days after another bombing wounded two men Sunday night in a quiet Austin neighborhood. It was triggered by a nearly invisible tripwire, suggesting a "higher level of sophistication" than agents saw in three package bombs left on doorsteps, according to Fred Milanowski, the agent in charge of the Houston division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

A criminologist at the University of Alabama said if a single perpetrator is behind the blasts, changing the means of delivery increases the bomber’s chance of getting caught.

"I think it would suggest that the bomber is trying to stay unpredictable," Adam Lankford said. "But it also increases the likelihood that he would make a mistake."

Authorities have not identified the two men who were hurt Sunday, saying only that they are in their 20s and white. But William Grote told The Associated Press on Monday that his grandson was one of them and that he had what appeared to be nails embedded in his knees.

On the night of the bombing, one of the victims was riding a bike in the street and the other was on a sidewalk when they hit a tripwire that he said knocked "them both off their feet."

"It was so dark they couldn’t tell, and they tripped," he said. "They didn’t see it. It was a wire. And it blew up."

Grote said his son, who lives about 100 yards (90 meters) from the blast, heard the explosion and raced outside to find both of the young men bleeding profusely.

The presence of a tripwire was a departure from the first three bombings, which involved parcels left on doorsteps that detonated when moved or opened.

In Washington, President Donald Trump said the assailant behind the bombing is "very sick."

During an Oval Office meeting Tuesday with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trump described the situation as "terrible."

"This is obviously a very sick individual or individuals," and authorities are "working to get to the bottom of it."

Police repeated prior warnings about not touching unexpected packages and urged people to be wary of any stray object left in public, especially ones with protruding wires.

Officers originally pointed to possible hate crimes, but the victims have now been black, Hispanic and white and from different parts of the city.

"We are clearly dealing with what we believe to be a serial bomber," Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said, citing similarities among the bombs. He would not elaborate.

While the first three bombings all occurred east of Interstate 35, a section of town that tends to be more heavily minority and less affluent, Sunday’s attack was west of the highway. The differences in location, the lack of a motive and other unknowns make it harder to draw conclusions about any possible pattern.

Police asked anyone with surveillance cameras at home to come forward with the footage on the chance it captured suspicious vehicles or people.


Associated Press writers Jim Vertuno in Austin and Matt Sedensky in New York contributed to this report.

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BURN! Brit Hume’s BS detector overheats & MELTS all over Rep. Adam Schiff’s collusion ‘unicorn’

The House Intelligence Committee ended its investigation into allegations of Trump/Russia collusion in the 2016 election. The House’s chief Russia collusion alarmist, Rep. Adam Schiff, who’s been lacking only evidence to support his allegations, was of course unhappy with the committee’s decision to stop chasing his dream:

Schiff on Intel Cmte rpt: By ending its oversight role in the only authorized investigation in the House, the Majority has placed the interests of protecting the President over protecting the country, and history will judge its actions harshly.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 12, 2018

Brit Hume BS detector melted and he called Schiff out for saying a lot while saying nothing:

You will note that Schiff isn’t saying there is evidence disproving the majority’s conclusions. That’s because he can’t. It’s why he wants the investigation to continue until some bright day the unicorn will finally arrive.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) March 13, 2018


Schiff has been moving the goal posts on his “collusion” allegations for quite some time, and he’d like the opportunity to still do that while keeping the Dem election narrative on life support as long as possible. His time’s running out though.



WHOA: Brit Hume takes NO PRISONERS with WaPo journo pushing abortion for Down syndrome

BACKFIRE! Brit Hume predicts Delta might REALLY ‘come to regret’ this (and here’s why)

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BOJ’s challenges include future exit from easy policy: nominee Amamiya

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Bank of Japan faces various challenges ahead, such as examining the cost and benefits of its stimulus program and possibly considering a future exit from its ultra-easy policy, Masayoshi Amamiya, a nominee for BOJ deputy governor, said on Monday.

A man walks past the Bank of Japan building in Tokyo, Japan January 15, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

“Japan’s banking system remains stable now. But the environment surrounding financial institutions is becoming more severe,” Amamiya, currently the BOJ’s executive director, told a confirmation hearing in the lower house of parliament.

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Valet backs car out of second floor of Sacramento parking garage

SOURCE: Courtesy of Jessica Smith


A valet backed a car through the second floor of a Sacramento parking garage Saturday evening, police said.

The car landed on a bus stop in the 800 block of L Street at about 7:40 p.m., police said.

A hole can be seen through the wall of a parking garage where the car came falling down.

The valet was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

No other details were released.

Stay with KCRA 3 for the latest.

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Star Witness in Trial of Former Cuomo Aide May Have Violated Terms of His Plea Deal

A key witness in the bribery trial of a former top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have violated his cooperation agreement with prosecutors, according to evidence presented in Manhattan federal court Thursday.

Under cross-examination, the witness, Todd Howe, a longtime Cuomo associate, admitted that in the fall of 2016, after he had signed an agreement with the government that required him to avoid committing future crimes, he lied to his credit-card company.

Mr. Howe, the government’s star witness in the trial of former Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco, admitted that in October of that year he called his credit-card company and asked it to refund $604.86 in charges from a stay at the Waldorf Astoria New York hotel, suggesting he hadn’t stayed there and had been improperly billed.


Six weeks earlier, in September 2016, according to his testimony and court filings, he had pleaded guilty to eight felonies as part of a deal that required him to testify truthfully and to avoid breaking the law from that point forward.

Daniel Gitner, an attorney for another defendant in the trial, presented evidence that showed that Mr. Howe had, in fact, stayed at the luxury hotel as part of a trip to meet with federal prosecutors in June 2016 in an effort to secure the plea deal.

“Do you realize that you are in violation of your cooperation agreement?” Mr. Gitner asked Mr. Howe.

“I do looking at this, yes,” Mr. Howe said, examining evidence.

“Do you think they are going to rip it up?” Mr. Gitner asked, referring to prosecutors.

“I sure hope not,” said Mr. Howe.

A spokesman for the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office declined to comment on whether Mr. Howe’s testimony on Thursday would jeopardize his cooperation agreement.

The trial has offered a window into the workings of the Cuomo administration, with current and former staffers having taken the stand. Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, isn’t on trial or accused of wrongdoing.

Mr. Howe has testified that Mr. Percoco and three other defendants engaged in two bribery schemes in which Mr. Percoco was paid more than $300,000 in exchange for providing government perks to private companies. Mr. Percoco’s attorney has said the payments were for legitimate work and not in exchange for using his official position to benefit the companies.

Write to Erica Orden at

Appeared in the February 9, 2018, print edition as ‘Witness May Have Violated Deal Terms.’

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Paris Hilton Promotes Yeezy Season 6 Dressed As Kim Kardashian

If Kanye West loved maybe one person as much as he loves Kanye West, we’d put our money on it being his wife, Kim Kardashian-West. His devotion to her seems to know no bounds, from sending her emails about which sunglasses will make her look the coolest, to creating a heartwarming video montage for her 36th birthday. Now, West has completely outdone himself (even more so than he did with Kardashian’s Christmas present): For Yeezy Season 6’s campaign, the 40-year-old rapper cast a series of models, influencers, and more, and dressed them to look just like Kardashian did in the paparazzi shots that served as the collection’s unconventional unveiling (in place of showing during New York Fashion Week) back in November.


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jan 30, 2018 at 11:29pm PST

The images star influencers-cum-models Yovanna Ventura, Abigail Ratchford, Sarah Snyder, Chinqpink, and Amina Blue, whose modeled for West before, fashion designer Sami Miro, as well as The Clermont Twins, Shannon and Shannade, of Bad Girls Club fame. Adult film star Lela Star is also featured, as is makeup artist Madeleine Rose and Kristen Noel Crawley, a beauty writer-turned-entrepreneur. But the real kicker is that West enlisted Paris Hilton, his wife’s former boss (Kardashian used to clean her closet), to dressed as Kardashian, squashing any rumors of a lingering feud.

Kardashian and Hilton fell out of their friendship around 2008 as the hotel heiress and the soon-to-be reality star seemed to trade places in the spotlight. Then disparaging remarks surfaced — Hilton said Kardashian’s butt looked like “cottage cheese in a big trash bag,” and even walked out of an interview when asked about her former friend. In 2014, things seemed to have turned around when they were spotted partying together at Riccardo Tisci’s birthday in Ibiza (they even took a picture for the ‘gram). Now, their families even spend the holidays together at Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve bash.

The fact that Hilton and Kardashian, who are now 36 and 37, respectively, are now on good enough terms that Paris is willing to dress up as Kim? As West so eloquently rapped in “N***as in Paris” (which is seeing new life again, too, these days), all we have to say is: “that shit cray.”


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What Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Options Are When Buying A Home

What can you expect from the San Antonio TX real estate market? If you are looking for a new home, then you need to be cautious about where you spend your money. That’s why you should check out this guide and use it to your advantage.

A home needs to be in livable shape if you plan to move into it when you buy it. That’s why you need to work with an inspection service, so they can tell you if there are issues you need to be made aware of. Sometimes sellers try to hide serious problems because they want to be able to charge you more for the home. Some sellers just don’t know there are problems. Either way, it pays to have someone inspect the property for you so you don’t buy a home that has a lot of serious problems.

The market is going to change so you may want to look into what houses were worth and whether they went up or down in price as time went on. You never know when you can swoop in and get a good deal because the market is having problems, so sometimes it can pay to wait a few weeks to buy a house so you can see if the prices fluctuate. Of course, they may also cost you more if you wait so you have to think about whether you’re willing to take the risk.

The San Antonio TX real estate market changes all the time. You need to stay on top of what is going on with it when buying property. You want to make sure you’re getting a good deal and that the home is ready for you to move into when you buy it.

Why Do People Move from One Apartment to Another

Living in one place for years makes you emotionally attached with it. When the time to leave it comes, you find it difficult to cope with the emotional disturbance that might occur and you feel disturbed while moving to new place. Moving to a new place however is necessary, as change is the only constant thing in this world. When you keep on staying in a same place for years, your chances of improvement decrease. There are many reasons why you would want to move out of the previous place and look for new apartments San Antonio. Every person has a different reason of why he wants to bring a change in his lifestyle by changing the place of living. Some of the reasons why people move to the new apartments are as follows.

Living in the same place for years outgrows you from that place. You feel bored of living in the same place and with the same lifestyle for years. Living in the same place for a very long time makes you get bored of the area. Your taste and demands get changed and the apartment cannot provide you what you want. People also go out for a hunt of new Texas Apartments as they have an increased number of people in the family and cannot live in the limited space of their previous apartment. In addition, there is a possibility that not all the stuff and items that you have bought in a span of a lifetime are adjusted in the small space that you have and this requires you to go for a hunt of a better and larger apartment.

Living with the same economic condition throughout your life is obviously impossible. You cannot live with the same rank on the job or with the same output from your business. Many people go out to look for cheaper apartments in san antonio tx when they lose a job and cannot afford to pay a high rate of rent per month. In addition, when people face a huge loss in their business, they try their best to avoid expensive lifestyle and move to cheaper and somewhat smaller apartments. They leave the building they and been living for years and move to a building that is comparatively less expensive and comes with a great level of cost effectiveness. Another thing that lets people go for a new apartment is that they get a better economic situation and can afford a better apartment. This lets them go for a better apartment.

There are certain other situations that lead to a person’s decision of leaving the old apartment and go out for a hunt of new rentals in TX. One main reason of this decision is the fact that people living in the neighboring apartments might get involved in criminal activities and living in the same community might get difficult for people. Another issue that leads to the decision of a person changing his community or building that he lives in is the fact that the number of crimes in that area has increased. They search for a better and a safer place to live in such conditions.